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Driven by legacy.


At Adidwa Group we understand that for our children to inherit a better continent, we need to ensure that we put our skills to good use on projects that have a positive impact on African society. We aim to create new African perceptions and do this through the big or small projects, because, we believe, any effort that positively impacts society counts.

Join us in creating new African perceptions!

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We pride ourselves in our ability to provide strategic and the capacity to execute on services within the following sectors:



With over 20 years of experience in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector in various countries, this portfolio of the company can provide the following services:

  • Master-planning & policy review and design: This entails creating master-plans that enable our stakeholders to ensure that their Public Sector ICT programs are well-executed and impact positively on the intended sectors.

  • Learning and Development: This entails equipping public sector leaders with enough knowledge that enables them to understand and prioritize the major themes affecting their government. We achieve this through our learning and development approach that focuses on key, non-technical aspects required to become an effective leader in the ICT process.

  • ICT PPP Strategy: This entails Design and Developing PPP models for ICT sector Public Private Sector Partnerships in ICT, in a manner that there is a clear benefit to both the public and the private partners.

  • Public Sector Innovation: This entails working with public sector leaders on formulating and applying innovative practices and approaches. We achieve this by applying the appropriate methodology to allow leaders think through how to apply information technology to deal with every day and long-term challenges more effectively.

Diesel Gas


With a combined experience of over 15 years in trading, finance, shipping, and storage, we are in a prime position to provide our stakeholders with the service and assurance when it comes to the following products:

  • Unleaded Gasoline: 95 Ron (coastal and inland)

  • Unleaded Gasoline: 93 Ron (inland)

  • Aviation Jet Fuel: Jet A1

  • Ultra-low Sulphur Diesel: 500PPM

  • Ultra-low Sulphur Diesel: 50PPM

  • Lubricants



With over 20 years’ experience, we treat Digital Media Design business as a broad and intensive exploration of the process and the business of digital design. Our unique user-centred design process is ISO accredited and is driven by agile and lean project management principles by experts ensure your brand, website and marketing campaigns perform exceptionally.

In this Portfolio Adidwa group services include:

  • User Experience Design: Designing engaging interfaces is at the heart of what we do. Our accredited user-centred design process drives each website, app, brand or product we produce. 

  • Digital Transformation: With technology as an enabler, we drive user-focused transformation through focusing on your users, data, process and culture.

  • Development: Our agile development process ensures rapid and high-quality delivery. We produce everything from websites, apps and ecommerce systems through to CRM and SaaS. These include SilverStripe, Drupal, Magento, Sitecore and PWAs.

  • Marketing: More than implementing campaigns, we fuse creativity and data-driven design to implement cross-channel marketing strategies that improve your conversion rate and drive consistent growth.

  • Brand Strategy: We create compelling brands that convey companies’ mission, values and personality. This sets the tone for emotive user experiences that engage with customers in a meaningful way.



With a combined experience of over 30 years in within various services in the tourism sector, we are poised to provide our clients with advisory and execution services in the following sectors:

  • Sustainable tourism development

  • Skills development

  • Policy framework advisory

  • Community tourism development advisory services

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Our leadership team consists of members who have relevant experience and a track record or delivery within the sectors that they specialise in. We strive to work on legacy projects where our skills can be put to use to ensure that all stakeholders benefit.

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Daniel Adidwa - Director

Mr. Adidwa is a leader who is passionate about entrepreneurship and technology. He takes pleasure in channeling this passion through sourcing innovative solutions, that address current problems within the African continent and taking these solutions to market. 

Daniel attained his BA Degree in Integrated Marketing Communication, a Diploma in Account Management from the AAA School of Advertising, Certificates in Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets and CS50's Computer Science for Business Professionals from Harvard University, and a Certificate in User Experience from Udemy. He has worked for various communications agencies, where he worked on various local and international blue-chip accounts, and has consulted for various Public and Private institutions. 


Daniel has established and concluded deals in a variety of sectors ranging from Technology to Energy.


- Johannesburg Address: 90 Rivonia Rd, Second Floor, North Wing, Sandton, Johannesburg, 2196

South African landline: +27 (0)61 685 5867 

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